Funding to help a child face physical or emotional issues

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Funding has been made available to a health consultant to help a child facing physical or emotional issues.

Award-winning health and well-being practitioner Sue Franklin has received the funds which will cover the fee for an appointment for one young person.

Using what is known as the Journey Method, which Sue discovered herself some years ago, just one appointment can sometimes resolve issues being faced.

Sue said: “I often see children with various issues and challenging behaviour, including anger, which has an affect on their family and the learning ability other pupils in their classroom.

“The Journey method is a gentle and effective way to resolve physical, emotional and behavioural issues in adults and children, age three upwards.”

Some of the issues that have been resolved include health problems, depression, eating disorder, headaches, self esteem, stress and weight, among others.

◦Sue added: “In family dynamics, it may be the child that is displaying unhealthy behaviour, such as anger issues, sadness, withdrawal, in which case it is useful to work with the child. Experience shows that working with the significant parent can also be effective, as the child may be reacting to issues that are affecting the parent’s behaviour or home life in general.

“The Journey method for families assists parents or children to let go of past painful experiences and instils a deeper awareness of their own inner healthy resource qualities, allowing them to feel calmer, more confident and have more self-belief. This enables the family environment to be more consistently happy so that ultimately the whole family benefits too.”

For more details and to contact Sue if you know a child who could bendfit, visit