Firm opens ‘world-class’ facility after major £680,000 investment

The upgraded workshop and an Antonov loading (inset)
The upgraded workshop and an Antonov loading (inset)

Atlas Copco’s Systems’ custom engineering workshop was officially opened last week after the completion of a £680,000 upgrade to strengthen its ‘world-class credentials’.

The workshop at Hemel Hempstead – one of Atlas Copco’s six global competence centres that design and assemble bespoke compressed air and nitrogen generation packages primarily for the oil and gas industry – has more than doubled in size and been equipped with a range of new facilities to meet ‘growing international demand for its services’.

The upgrade has seen the total floor area expanded from its original 850m2 to 1950m2.

A new mezzanine level has been built above a section of the workshop to accommodate, alongside some new offices, a dedicated viewing area for customers to witness product testing.

An external 12m x 15m covered test area has also been built, adding additional space for testing large engineered packages in any weather.

These packages can now be moved around in the workshop more easily thanks to the provision of two new five tonne cranes, trackways and controls, which complement three existing cranes.

These additions increase working capacity and throughput, shortening lead times to the customer.

The fluctuating man hours required to handle this type of work is done using a core of 45 Atlas Copco employees with some work sub-contracted when necessary to handle peak demands. It represents approximately 20 more employees than a decade ago.

Paul Frost, manager of Systems Hemel Hempstead, beamed: “Our workshop is now a truly world class facility.

“We have a competitive base here in Hemel Hempstead, with professional, experienced electrical and mechanical design and project management staff, plus 40 years of expertise.

“We are proud to be investing in this local centre for custom engineered compressed air and nitrogen packages.”