FARMING MATTERS: Business is booming with Yokel yoghurts

A couple of years ago I wrote a news story about Tom Ley, a farmer's grandson who wanted to add value to British cow's milk and so decided to create his own yoghurt.

Saturday, 12th March 2016, 7:00 am
Tom Ley and his Yokel yoghurts

Yokel was born and created in Buckinghamshire but since that time it has grown from strength to strength, so that it is now stocked in over 150 independently owned stores across several counties.

And last year Tom even had a visit to 10 Downing Street where he showed off his yoghurts to the prime minister.

Now, Tom is proud to announce the addition of two new flavours to his range - raspberry and black cherry.

Yokel yoghurts are made with no added sugar.

Grapes are used to lend a gentle sweetness to the fruit, which is then blended with cows milk yoghurt to give a rasp and sharp taste experience.

There is a tiny list of only four ingredients on the side of the pots, you will never find any flavourings, colourings or sugar on the list.

Tom came up with the name Yokel for his yoghurt because he wanted something related to farming, something simple and ended up with Yokel, which also happens to be an anagram of his surname (OK Ley).

For a full list of stockists and to view images of the newly packaged yoghurts go to

The image used on this page shows the original packaging of the yoghurts.