FARMING MATTERS: Brexit is best for many farmers says our columnist

There is a misconception that all farmers must be in favour of remaining in the EU because of subsidies. This is wrong. Farmers received grants from our own government prior to our entry into the Common Market, as it was then called, and agriculture will remain as a supported industry in the event of Brexit. This is because it is food, rather than farmers, which is subsidised, to keep retail prices at a level the general public is happy with. Many British farmers have suffered hugely within the EU. We are subjected to endless red tape and instructions on how to run our business. An example of this is the current Three Crop Rule. Brussels has dictated that any farmer with more than 30 hectares in arable production must grow three different crops. This was brought in by a Romanian commissioner because in Romania there are areas where thousands of hectares grow the same crop, and he wanted to encourage a wider range. Crop diversity has never been a problem in Britain, but because in the EU everyone has to follow the same rule, British farmers can no longer choose the number of crops to grow in any one year that best suits their business, land and changing weather patterns.I have placed Brexit The Movie on this page. It is a documentary of over one hour that shows we no longer live in a democracy, our own parliament is little more than a parish council and we are ruled by the whims and fancies of nameless un-elected bureaucrats from Brussels. You might find it interesting to watch.

Saturday, 18th June 2016, 7:00 am