Faith News (Including ‘Exciting developments for Christians in Berkhamsted’)

A round up of the latest faith news from across Dacorum.

Sunday, 22nd February 2015, 7:55 am
Snowdrop spectacular

Martin Filippides of Kings Road Church in Berkhamsted has helped coordinate the first cross church meeting of Christians in Berkhamsted, where the focus was spirit led evangelism.

The group discussed the fact that evangelism can take many forms. However, it was aso agreed that a very effective approach is to support the community in a number of ways.

An example being, Work Matters, a back to work programme for those seeking work or interested in a career change.

It was noted that a great deal is already happening across the town, examples include: Alpha across several churches, CAP (Christian Against Poverty) across several churches, divorce support at Kings Road, theology in the pub at St Peters, messy church at Sunnyside, healing on the streets across several churches, street pastors across several churches and The Edge youth drop in centre at Sunnyside.

It was agreed that the biggest barrier to better coordination and reaching the community is lack of communication amongst Christians.

The group agreed to meet more frequently and to increase membership of the group.

A Facebook group was also created as a result of this meeting, called Berkhamsted Christians. This already has over 60 members

Work is underway to develop a Facebook page of the same name.

Anyone wanting to know more should ‘like the group’ and become connected with what is going on. Further information regarding evangelism meetings will be posted on the site.

St Marys and St Pauls, mark the beginning of Lent

Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent this week.

There was a Eucharist for Ash Wednesday at St. Paul’s, Highfield and also Eucharists at 10.30am and 8pm in St. Mary’s in the Old Town.

All of these services will include the imposition of ashes for those who desire it.

On Saturday there is a social supper in St. Mary’s Hall at 7.15pm.

The supper is followed by a Beetle Drive and quiz.

Tickets for this event are £8.

The Women’s World Day of Prayer is on Friday, March 6 when there will be a service in St. Mary’s in the Old Town at 2.30pm.

The service has been written by Christian women of The Bahamas and all are invited to attend.

Snowdrop Saturday

St Mary Magdalene Church in Flaunden welcomed everyone to Snowdrop Saturday in aid of the Barnabas Fund yesterday.

There were guided walks around the beautiful grounds of the church, which are full of seasonal snowdrops, as well as short talks in the church and Lauren Mead will be singing.

Visitors are invited to enjoy tea and cake by the fireside at Clonmel just up the road from the church (opposite The Green Dragon).


Regarding fashion, I had some good advice from a tailor. He said: “Lapels sway between wide and narrow, if you wear them medium, you’re neither in fashion nor out.” Good advice. Regarding faith, it’s different. With God, either you are for Him, or you are not, there’s no middle ground. Christians, at some point in their life made a decision, to accept Christ. It was their choice. Could it be that God is calling you? Choose Christ today, and enter into a loving, everlasting relationship. It has to be your decision, faith is not inherited. Choose life, life in full.

by Robin McEwen, Methodist Church.