Expand your recycling routine, residents are urged

Staff at Sainsbury's store in Woodhall Farm celebrate recycle week.
Staff at Sainsbury's store in Woodhall Farm celebrate recycle week.

Residents are being asked to expand their recycling routine to include items from every part of their home.

Dacorum Borough Council’s recycling team celebrated National Recycle Week, which ended on Sunday, June 28 with the Recycle Right campaign.

Shoppers in Sainsbury’s store in Woodhall Farm and Tesco store in Jarmans Park took part in demonstrations and competitions to test what items can be placed in the mixed recycling bin and the refuse bin from different rooms in the house.

Residents who gave the right answers won recycled merchandise, including bottle opener key rings, mini wheeled bins and reusable bags.

Craig Thorpe, group manager for environmental services, said: “Thank you to everyone for their recycling efforts. It is important to recycle from every corner of the house and that the right items are being recycled too. So far the mixed recycling that we are receiving is over 95% good quality showing that most of our residents are putting the right items in their blue lidded bin. Please continue to recycle right.” There is more information on recycling in Dacorum at www.dacorum.gov.uk/recycling

National Recycle Week 2015 is organised by Recycle Now - visit www.recyclenow.com