Ew-tube! Vet uploads videos of operations to the internet

A veterinary surgeon who is passionate about ground-breaking surgical procedures has begun sharing videos of his operations on YouTube.

Friday, 30th January 2015, 9:00 am
Veterinary surgeon Patrick Dale, of Springwell Vets in Tring, with an image of a plastic eyeball found in the stomach of a dog

Patrick Dale, 51, has been carrying out laproscopic spay operations on the female dogs that come through the door of Tring’s Springwell Veterinary Surgery since November 2011.

But last week the animal lover began uploading videos of the operations as well as exploratory endoscopy procedures on dogs and cats to the surgery’s YouTube channel.

Patrick – who qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Liverpool University in 1986 and settled in Tring in 1988 – said: “I wanted to show people what I get to see every day.

Veterinary surgeon Patrick Dale, of Springwell Vets in Tring, with an image of a plastic eyeball found in the stomach of a dog

“It’s something I’m so passionate about and I believe it’s so much better for the animals.”

It is believed that Springwell is the only veterinary surgery in the area to upload endoscopy videos to the web.

Endoscopic surgery is performed with video endoscopic telescopes and specially designed instruments – some of which cost £15,000 each.

Traditionally, the animal’s chest would be opened up during these sort of procedures but the endoscopic surgery means less pain and a quicker recovery time because all that’s made is a tiny incision.

Last summer, Patrick decided to stop offering the traditional bitch spay operation and now only performs the laproscopic procedure.

Of all the 247 laproscopic spays he has carried out, there has never been a complication.

Patrick says this form of surgery has given him some of his most memorable moments on the operating table.

He said: “I remember this collie cross came in for a laproscopic spay, she was only about two years old – never had any health problems before.

“While I was in there I thought I’d have a look around and I was astounded to find a metal sewing needle in the stomach wall. I don’t know how long it had been there but I was amazed that it hadn’t caused her any problems.

“I was able to remove it there and then, but if I hadn’t have done the laproscopic spay I’d have never know it was there.”

Another unexpected find was a plastic eyeball which had sat in the bottom of an unfortunate dog’s stomach for three weeks, causing an infection.

It was removed during an endoscopic procedure and the dog made a full recovery.

Patrick said: “I think the take-home message for me is that of all the bitches that we’ve had come in, we’ve never had one that’s minded coming back.”

Visit www.springwellvets.com or search ‘Springwell Veterinary Surgery’ on YouTube.