Escaped equines spark wild horse chase on busy road

Members of the National Trust put their fitness skills to the test as they took on the role of DIY animal tamers in a fearless half mile wild horse chase in Ringshall.

Tuesday, 30th September 2014, 5:55 pm
Runaway horses were caught near Ringshall. Photo: Dom Miller

The three horses galloped along the busy New Road, leaving their pursuers with no chance of catching up last week.

However the team persevered and their efforts proved worthwhile when drivers arrived and provided ropes and straps.

It was with these materials that the team was able to fashion their makeshift harnesses.

Police contacted a National Trust horse specialist who was able to use her expertise to deal with the horses in a slightly more 
professional manner.

After being stopped, the horses soon relaxed and calmly enjoyed a meal on the grass near the Ashridge Monument.

The brave team rounded up and corralled the horses, saving them and any passers by from what potentially could have been a very dangerous situation given the power of the horses.

In a further twist of fate, the National Trust expert recognised the horses and was able to reunite them with their owners.

It is not known where the horses escaped from.