Fed up Hemel residents complain over 'lack of action' against fly-tippers dumping rubbish near their homes

Dacorum Borough Council says it will take action if a tenant or leaseholder is identified as fly-tipping

Monday, 18th October 2021, 9:57 am

Frustrated residents in Hemel Hempstead are fed up of Dacorum Borough Council' s lack of action over fly-tipping near their flats.

They are asking the council to take action again after bags of rubbish and household waste were dumped again between the small block of flats on London Road, Apsley.

In September, the residents called on the council to remove the rubbish that had been dumped there, and after weeks of complaining the rubbish that was left in the communal bin area was removed by the council.

Rubbish dumped between the small block of flats on London Road

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Council removes piles of dumped rubbish in Hemel Hempstead after complaints from...

One man, who does wish to be named, is calling on Dacorum Borough Council to take action and punish those who fly-tip.

He said: "Still the rubbish piles up and still the council's efforts to catch the culprits or stop them remains at zero, they know who they are but choose to do or say nothing.

"From bags full of personal papers being thrown out by one of the main culprits, this information given to the council who look puzzled and do nothing but send teams to sweep and clear up after several weeks which costs money, that money could and should be spent on better things.

Rubbish dumped near the bins last week

"Even previous evidence, actual evidence of one of the main culprits carrying items to be dumped. The council states the 'evidence' is not 'evidence'.

"Residents take photos trying to get Dacorum to listen, they won't so Dacorum Borough Council keep wasting thousands of pounds in clearing up not understanding the more they clear up without any attempt to find the culprits.

"The more these people think 'oh dumping here is fine, council don't care so let's just chuck all our rubbish here, we don't need to pay to have items collected DBC clearly do it for free'."

A spokesperson for Dacorum Borough Council said: "It is the responsibility of all council tenants to dispose of their rubbish appropriately and not leave illegal fly-tipping in communal bin areas.

Residents want the council to punish fly-tippers

"Where rubbish is found with evidence of names and addresses we will investigate this and action will be taken if a tenant or leaseholder is identified as fly-tipping.

"Tenancy Management officers continue to monitor the situation along with the Housing Cleaning team."