Elena speaks on gender equality

Elena Veris Reynolds PNL-151216-153110001
Elena Veris Reynolds PNL-151216-153110001

A Girlguiding member from Berkhamsted has called for greater representation of women in the A-level politics syllabus.

Elena Veris Reynolds, aged 16 fed into the government’s consultation on the core contents of the new A-level politics curriculum at a meeting at Girlguiding headquarters in London on December 12.

The current proposal for changes to the core A-level syllabus includes just one women, Mary Wollstonecraft, in a list of seven political thinkers and removes topics including gender equality and feminism.

Elena is part of a national Girlguiding youth advocacy panel called Advocate, is a group of 18 young women aged 14 to 25 who speak out and campaign on the things that matter to them.

Elena said: “It’s so important to have gender equality issues present in the A-level politics curriculum.

“We need learn about feminism and the Suffragettes, how young people can get into politics, and how the voting system works.”

Elena, who has been a youth Advocate for Girlguiding since September, has had a busy six months campaigning for equality and equal opportunities for girls and young women across the UK.

She attended a day of debating on the red benches at the House of Lords earlier in December, where she spoke about encouraging diversity in Parliament.

Elena, who is studying for GCSEs at Ashlyns School in Berkhamsted, said: “Speaking in the House of Lords was an experience I’ll never forget.

“I was extremely lucky that I got the chance to voice my views and respond to some of the statements already made in the debate.

“It was amazing to sit in such a historical place and be part of something so big, and I also got to meet some inspiring people.”