Log on this evening to check on secondary school allocations: County Hall says 95 per cent get a ‘preference’ place

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Nearly 95 per cent of children moving up to big school later this year have been allocated a place at one of their preferred secondary or upper schools, says Herts County Council.

Most parents and carers in the county will be able to access their secondary transfer allocation information this evening.

Allocation emails will be sent, after 6pm, to all parents who have confirmed their email address.

The overwhelming majority of parents – 99 per cent – used the online application option.

The council will only be sending allocation letters to parents and carers who applied on paper or those who applied online but did not confirm their email address.

Parents and carers who applied online will be able to accept the school place offered online, as well as pursuing a continuing interest place and lodging an appeal.

Detailed information about an individual child’s application will be available in the allocation email or letter.

Despite receiving over 500 more applications than in 2013, the authority says more children have been allocated their most preferred secondary or upper school – 10,039 compared to 9,755 last year.

In total 12,080 Hertfordshire children have been allocated one of their ranked schools, a success rate of 94.84 per cent.

Councillor Chris Hayward, County Hall’s executive member for enterprise, education and skills, said: “Moving on to secondary or upper school is an important step and we work extremely hard to make the applications and allocation process smooth and straightforward.

“We want to ensure that as many children as possible get a place at one of their ranked schools.

“We all want the best possible education for children in Hertfordshire and the county has excellent schools.

“I do appreciate that some parents may be disappointed with the school they have been allocated, but would encourage them to visit the school and speak to the headteacher before dismissing the offered place. They may be pleasantly surprised by what they see.”

All applicants who have not been offered their first preference school will automatically be placed on the continuing interest list for any Hertfordshire schools named higher on the application form than the school offered.

All new applications for continuing interest must be made to the child’s home local authority.

Detailed information about the post allocation processes can be found online

The ‘Secondary - What Can You Do Now?’ leaflet is also available online and has been included with the allocation letters for children who did not apply online and have not been offered their first preference school. Parents can also access other useful information, such as school allocation summary reports, through the website.

School places must be accepted by March 17. This is also the last date to ‘opt out’ of continuing interest for schools and academies whose admission arrangements are administered by the county council. The deadline to submit an appeal is 4pm on April 2.