Herts teachers to strike as part of countrywide NUT action next week

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Teachers across Herts will walk out next Wednesday in a National Union of Teachers strike following disputes about pay, pensions and working conditions.

Herts County Council cabinet member for enterprise, education and skills Chris Hayward said of the action: “While we recognise that there are strongly held feelings on both sides of this national dispute, strike action in a key public service like this can only be to the detriment of Hertfordshire’s children and their parents. We hope that there is a speedy resolution to this dispute in the interests of all concerned.

“The decision to stay open or to close is for individual school head teachers and governors to make. We have urged as many schools as possible to remain open as long as it is safe to do so, but we do not have any authority to compel them to stay open, whether they are community schools, free schools or academies.

“If school leaders decide to close their doors, we have advised them to inform parents and carers as soon as possible in advance, so that they can make alternative arrangements for their children.”

Justin Donovan, county director of education, added: “The best way for parents to find out about closures is by contacting their children’s schools directly. Schools are not obliged to tell us about closures, so we cannot give an entirely accurate picture of which schools are closing.”

Click here to access the Herts Direct site where details of impending strike action will be posted along with contact details for the county’s schools.