East Harling scout is town crier - aged just 11

Harry Turbuville,11, from East Harling. Picture: SWNS
Harry Turbuville,11, from East Harling. Picture: SWNS

An East Harling boy scout is ringing the changes in his local town - aged just 11.

Harry Turburville was handed the role as junior town crier in Thetford after entering a competition.

His job involves making public announcements in the streets while dressed in traditional 18th Century dress of a red and gold robe.

Harry, a pupil at East Harling Primary School, works alongside fellow town crier, Mike Wabe, who described him as a “natural”.

He said: “I like town crying because it is a little bit like being famous. I like getting attention and people watching me.

“I like wearing the outfit and it makes me feel proud. I just thought I would do the competition and that would be the end.

“It is bringing back history. People in the past liked town criers because they did not have radios.”

Town criers in Britain can be traced back to the Norman Invasion in 1066.

From the 17th Century, they were paid to inform people of news, as well as events, obituary notices, news of plagues, victories in war and royal births and deaths.

Harry’s performances include town crying at events and celebrations.

Mum Cheryl, 39, who is a care assistant, said: “I’m so proud of him - he’ll carry on doing it as long as he enjoys it, and that’s what matters. Yes, his friends do think it’s a bit different, but he likes doing it.”

Mike Wabe, 67, who has been the town crier for four years, said: “Harry is just absolutely brilliant at it.

The Guinness World Record establishment does not have a category for youngest town crier.

In Scotland, Evie Cloy became the UK’s youngest town crier for Creetown in Dumfries at the tender age of eight, in 2013.