Don't forget to vote in police election

Hertfordshire goes to the polls today to elect its new policing boss.

Thursday, 5th May 2016, 4:28 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th May 2016, 5:32 pm

Voters across the county can choose from four candidates hoping to become Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), a role which involves overseeing Herts Constabulary.

The candidates are David Lloyd (Conservative), Kerry Pollard (Labour), Chris White (Lib Dem), and Mark Hughes (UKIP).

Tory David Lloyd won the county’s first-ever PCC election in 2012. He has stated that his priority is providing “a top quality service and doing so more efficiently”, and may be best known by voters for cutting the police’s share of council tax earlier this year.

He has a background in banking, and both as a councillor in Milton Keynes and Hertfordshire, and as chairman of the Hertfordshire Police Authority.

Labour’s Kerry Pollard is the former MP for St Albans has placed his emphasis as “people are more important than money”. He has targeted his fire on recent cuts to the number of police stations across Hertfordshire, blaming the Conservatives, and has offered to do the job for the ‘living wage’ rather than the mandated salary.

Mr Pollard also states the election is a choice between Labour and the Conservatives.

Chris White is leader of the Liberal Democrat group on St Albans Council and a formerly chairman of the Hertfordshire Police Authority audit committee. His key priorities include tackling crimes against women and girls, tackling costs and ensuring greater efficiencies, and making sure high streets are safe at night.

He has also criticised David Lloyd’s “meaningless tax cuts that the service can ill afford.”

UKIP’s Mark Hughes has lived in Herts all his life. His key priorities include zero tolerance on all crime including antisocial behaviour, a clampdown on bail for those deemed likely to abscond, increasing police visibility, overhauling the police complaints system, and cracking down on speeding both in villages and residential areas.