Doctor saved man’s life after he collapsed on railway platform

Mike van der Watt, left, with Chris Burley
Mike van der Watt, left, with Chris Burley

A doctor saved the life of a train passenger after he collapsed on the railway platform.

Cardiologist Dr Mike van der Watt, who is also medical director of the West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust, was on his way home from work when a man had a cardiac arrest at London’s Marylebone station.

Dr Van der Watt was in the right place at the right time and he immediately began performing life-saving CPR on the man, Chris Burley.

He twice used a defibrillator to restart the Mr Burley’s heartbeat, before a London ambulance crew took the him to University College London Hospital.

Mr Burley made an excellent recovery from his cardiac arrest and is now doing well.

He was so grateful for Mike’s help that he wanted to meet him in person and thank him for saving his life, and the two met up last week.

Mr Burley said: “There is no way for me to possibly thank Mike for saving my life. Because of what he did, I am now living in extra time and regard every new day as a bonus to be cherished.

“I would say, if you’re going to have a cardiac arrest, do so within sight of a consultant cardiologist, preferably Mike van der Watt!”

Dr van der Watt said: “I am privileged to have been able to assist. It’s wonderful to know that Chris is now

back at home after his recovery in hospital and doing well.”