Depressed man took his life as eviction loomed

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A MAN hanged himself hours before bailiffs were due to evict him for failing to pay his rent, an inquest has heard.

Gary Bruce, 43, of Bayford Close, Hemel Hempstead, was believed to have been suffering from serious depression, which he had kept from his family.

It was thought that the depression had left him with little motivation to take care of important matters such as paying rent on his first-floor flat.

Mr Bruce left a sealed note to his family, and a note to the bailiffs apologising for his actions, before taking his own life on May 12 this year.

When bailiffs came to evict Mr Bruce, they found him hanging from a door frame.

Paramedics declared him dead at the scene.

He had seen a GP about his depression and been prescribed anti-depressants, but stopped taking them within weeks.

Coroner Edward Thomas, speaking to Mr Bruce’s family on Thursday, said: “I don’t believe this would have happened if he hadn’t felt so overwhelmed by his depression that he felt this was the action he had to take.

“It’s a tribute to him that you are all here today.”

Mr Bruce had a number of hobbies, including swimming and archery, and he had won medals for dancing.