Daughter’s run after mum’s cancer battle

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A Berkhamsted woman is running the Virgin London Marathon to raise money for Beating Bowel Cancer, after her mum was diagnosed with the disease.

Sophie Lee, aged 29, also wants to raise awareness of the UK’s second biggest cancer killer.

Sophie’s mum, Carolyn, was diagnosed with bowel cancer seven years ago, at the age of 51.

Sophie, who works for a a charity events team, said: “Thankfully, she made a full recovery after a long course of radiotherapy and two big operations, but her symptoms had been misdiagnosed by her GP for a year.

“She was showing all the symptoms but it was only when she saw a different GP that she was urgently referred to the hospital. Mum thinks it wasn’t picked up because she was ‘all wrong’ for bowel cancer – she was slim, active and had a healthy diet. But it can happen to anyone.

“By the time the cancer was diagnosed, the tumour was at stage 3, meaning it was large and required major surgery.

“Bowel cancer is treatable when caught early, so I am running to raise awareness of the disease and encourage early diagnosis.”

Sophie has been training hard for the marathon. She has already done a couple of 17-mile runs and is about to build up to 20 miles, aided by the marathon training runs organised by local running club the Gade Valley Harriers.”

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