Daredevil Jamie takes on latest challenge at the Snow Centre

Olympic star Jamie Nicholls is at it again, after taking on a ‘never been done’ snowboard stunt at The Snow Centre.

Thursday, 10th September 2015, 3:35 pm
Jamie Nicolls, September 2015

The Team GB Olympic slopestyle snowboard finalist headed to the Hemel venue again for another of his gravity-defying stunts.

This time he took on a brand new route around the outside of the building and past The Snow Centre’s 160m Main Slope.

The overall performance took in seven different daring snowboard tricks, completing a Switch Frontside Rodeo 540 Spin (a frontflip with a 540 degree spin in the air) as he gapped a stair-way from inside the indoor ski and snowboard centre and landed outside in the car park.

Jamie told the Gazette: “I am excited to see if everyone likes my 2015 ‘Hemel Run’ as much as 2014’s footage! It’s definitely bigger and better than last year’s.

“I just wanted to do something even more inspiring that would push the limits of UK snowboarding even further.”

See a video of Jamie’s latest video via our website www.hemeltoday.co.uk