Crowdfunder launch for a very crisp idea

A mock-up of the Stripes Crisps packets
A mock-up of the Stripes Crisps packets

A graphic designer who began making crisps at home in his kitchen has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the £20,000 he needs to set up his business.

Steve Cripps, 47, of New Mill, first came up with the idea with wife Nicki, who works in Sandwich Plus, last November after the pair had been to the pub.

Now Steve, who also runs a graphic design business from home, wants to raise the cash so he can start making the first batch of Stripes Crisps, which he says are inspired by Walter Rothschild.

The dad-of-two launched an online crowdfunding campaign at the weekend – with different ‘rewards’ for people who can pledge from as little as £10 – in the hope that he can raise £20,000 by April 22.

Sponsors can receive vouchers, as well as have their name printed on the website and on the back of promotional beer mats.

He said: “I think the hardest part for me has been trying to get the idea of crowdfunding across.

“I’ve had people asking me where they can buy the crisps, but they’re not in production yet.”

If they manage to raise the money, the Cripps’ family will launch with three flavours – salt and pepper, chilli con carne and chipotle habanero – to avoid spiralling production costs.

Steve said: “£20,000 is a daunting sum, but hopefully once word gets around and we get a few businesses on board then it will snowball.”

The family hope to be making their first batch of the snacks some time in May, using locally-sourced potatoes.

Though Steve had hoped to make them at home, the cost of start-up equipment would have been around £300,000, so he has made the decision to take production out of Tring – but only for the time being.

He said: “The dream would be to make them in Tring, but it’s early days.”

For more info and to pledge, visit Steve’s crowdfunding page here.