Hemel Hempstead man feels 'let down' by police after claiming his cars have been repeatedly targeted in campaign of vandalism

Officers are investigating the latest incident

Thursday, 16th July 2020, 10:49 am
Updated Thursday, 16th July 2020, 10:52 am

A man from Hemel Hempstead has criticised police for a lack of action after the latest in what he claims has been a campaign of vandalism to his cars over the last three years.

The latest alleged incident occurred on Monday night.

James Hall feels let down by the police and says he and his family have been targeted since 2017.

The latest incident happened on Monday night

In that time he claims 50 tyres have been slashed and four different cars damaged.

He is unhappy with the police's lack of action in response to these incidents.

Hertfordshire Police say each incident has been investigated and enquiries have been carried out.

Dacorum Chief Inspector Craig Flint said: “At the time these incidents of criminal damage occurred, extensive enquiries were carried out including setting up a camera and other covert tactics.

The car was vandalised on Monday night

“A person was interviewed in connection with the investigation but there was insufficient evidence to charge and prosecute."

But Mr Hall says police must do more.

"My car was attacked again last night (Monday)," Mr Hall said.

"Police were called whilst the culprit was in the vicinity. Yet again I believe that too many excuses were made and not enough was done to apprehend the perpetrator, resulting in them getting away.

"Meanwhile I am left with a fourth car that has been absolutely trashed. In the most recent incident, they have sliced the convertible roof to bits and then tipped used engine oil all inside the car.

"The interior is completely ruined. This comes just days after the exterior was ruined by slashing the roof, the tyres and keying every single body panel."

The latest incident happened outside a friend's house in Harpenden on Monday night.

Mr Hall added: "This is just some of what myself and my family have been put through over the last 3 and a half years.

"Every time the police investigate it leads to nothing as they always claim there is not enough evidence. They look like they are doing the right thing and going to help and then nothing happens.

"The police are not proactive enough, and it has been constant, I feel let down by Hertfordshire Police.

"The latest one is heartbreaking because it was my mum's car and she passed away last year. The car is absolutely destroyed, that car cannot be salvaged.

"It would cost more than what it's worth to get it fixed and I don't have the money.

"I have had 3 and a half years of empty promises and false hopes from them (Herts Police)."

Chief Inspector Craig Flint added: “We strive to do our very best for all victims of crime in Hertfordshire and we acknowledge the victim’s frustration.

“A review of the case will be carried out to ascertain if there are any further investigative opportunities available to us.

“The investigation into the Harpenden offence that occurred on Monday 13 July is very much ongoing and the investigating officer will be conducting a thorough review of the circumstances.

“They will also ensure the victim is given regular updates about the progress of the case, and a referral has already been made to Beacon – our victim support service.

“Dacorum officers will make contact with their counterparts in Harpenden to help support the investigation going forward.”