Fine for Spurs boss over car he didn’t even own puts DVLA issue in the spotlight

Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood
Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood
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Court officials have promised to investigate after Premier League manager Tim Sherwood found himself fined £200 for having no car insurance.

The 45-year-old Spurs boss, who lives in Dagnall, was also ordered to pay £110 costs and a £20 victim surcharge after a hearing at Hatfield Magistrates Court.

But according to his representatives Mr Sherwood – in Portugal today with his team for a vital Europa League clash against Benfica – had sold the car in question long before the alleged offence was committed.

Court records say that the offence was committed in Berkhamsted on Friday, August 16, last year.

But a club spokesman said yesterday: “This is an administrative error that has nothing to do with Tim and is now being rectified.

“Tim has never driven a car without insurance and he had sold the vehicle in question long before the date when the offence was committed.”

An admin officer for Herts Court Service admitted that the court service is now ‘frequently’ being told about this kind of issue by angry motorists.

He said: “I do not even think Tim Sherwood was aware of this going through the court and he was not actually there.

“He was given notification – a summons would have been sent to him by the DVLA, but he may not have received it because everything is done by Royal Mail.”

The matter is being looked into by the court’s legal team.

A DVLA spokesman said: “We compare the information we hold with the Motor Insurance Database and if a vehicle appears to be uninsured an insurance advisory letter is issued to the keeper.

“If no action is taken by the keeper following this letter we issue a fixed penalty notice and ultimately may take the matter to court.

“It is important that the insurance provider for fleet vehicles is notified of all registration numbers of the vehicles covered.

“This ensures that all fleet vehicles are included on the Motor Insurance Database.”