Drunk attacked his partner for money


A drunken bully who attacked his partner in the flat they shared in Hemel Hempstead has been jailed for 13 months.

Christopher Wickens turned violent after his partner Elaine Davies refused to give him money so he could continue his boozing.

She had earmarked the cash to pay their household bills.

But St Albans Crown Court was told on Thursday (April 23) that Wickens flew into a violent rage, giving her a black eye and punching her about the face.

He straddled her as she lay on their bed and repeatedly punched her.

He then kicked her out of the bed and continued the attack until she managed to get to her feet and flee from the flat in Belgate.

She then ran to a nearby phone kiosk and call the 

The story was outlined as Wickens, 60, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Miss Davies, 38, was in the public gallery of the court as Wickens stood in the dock.

Peter Shaw prosecuting said that despite what had happened she still wanted to continue a relationship with Wickens

As he was led away to 
begin his sentence he burst into tears.

The court was told the attack happened on March 15 this year when Miss Davies made a 999 call from a phone box at the Belgate shops.

By the time police got to the couple’s flat he had gone.

Miss Davies said she and Wickens had been drinking at the flat and she had 
eventually decided to go to bed.

But she said he came into the bedroom asking for more money to continue drinking. When she refused he attacked her.

The court heard Wickens had a long standing problem with alcohol.

He was eventually 
arrested outside a pub in 
London on April 5.

Judge Marie Catterson was told Wickens had 
previous convictions for 
assaulting his previous wife and breaching restraining 
orders not to contact her.

In October of 2014 he had been convicted of assaulting miss Davies occasioning her actual bodily harm and given a suspended sentence.

Passing sentence the judge told Wickens “You were 
picking on a woman not able to defend herself in her own home.”