Dacorum set to receive biggest community safety grant in Herts

Herts police and crime commissioner David Lloyd on the beat
Herts police and crime commissioner David Lloyd on the beat
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Dacorum is set to receive almost £30,000 towards developing community safety in the borough, thanks to police and crime commissioner David Lloyd.

The grant of £29,324 is the highest amount that will be received by any of the 11 administrative areas in Herts, but was allocated by Mr Lloyd according to a formula factoring in population and crime figures.

The crime czar said: “As I have made clear in my police and crime plan, keeping Hertfordshire a safe place is ‘everybody’s business’ and the Community Safety Partnerships play a vital role in this.

“In this county we have built a really effective district-based approach with local agencies including councils, police, fire and probation teaming up to make a real impact on their own patch.

“Much of this work goes unsung but I believe it is making a real impact keeping crime low and I intend to support and encourage it. During my ‘district days’, when I visit councils around the county, I have seen first-hand just what can be achieved.

“In order to keep up momentum, I will continue to meet regularly with colleagues from the local authorities and ask for evidence of success. Protecting the public of Hertfordshire is a top priority and in order to be accountable to the people I represent I need to ensure that we make the best use of resources.”

Dacorum’s main focus in spending the cash will be on steering young people at risk away from crime.

Each of the 11 districts have also contributed £3,000 of the overall fund to a countywide Domestic Homicide Review pot, described as a kind of ‘insurance scheme’ which can be used if a murder occurs in any part of the county. A further £6,000 has been allocated to the fund between Mr Lloyd and the Probation Service.

An under-spend of £7,330 in last year’s community safety grant has also now been reallocated to the Commissioner’s Community Fund 3 for 2014/5. today is the deadline for community groups to bid for grants towards their crime prevention initiatives – click here for more.

You can contact the commissioner’s office by emailing commissioner@herts.pnn.police.uk or calling 01707 806100.