BOMB SCARE: Grenade found by people carrying out garden works
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People who were innocently doing the gardening at a Gravel Path property yesterday afternoon stumbled across a grenade – and the bomb squad had to be called in.

Police rushed to the Berkhamsted home after a call out just before 4.25pm and cordoned off the area.

The Ministry of Defence then sent what is technically known as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) unit to carry out a controlled explosion, which was completed just before 7.15pm.

Reports on the members-only Everything Berko Facebook page suggest the police closed off a large area around the Gravel Path junction with Ravens Lane.

An eye-witness said she was told by a policeman that a ‘very old unexploded hand grenade’ had been discovered while renovating a house on Gravel Path.

Other people posting on the page said that the EOD, accompanied by a police convoy, took the grenade to Northchurch Common to explode it.

Writing last night, one woman said: “Bomb was exploded by bomb disposal unit while my husband was dog walking on the common. Lots of police along New Road.”

Another Facebook-user joked: “I heard that the local curry house had overdone the chillies in the vindaloo...”

Herts Police spokesman Sarah Spence said: “Police were called at 4.23pm on Tuesday, June 24, to reports that a hand grenade had been located by people carrying out works in the garden of a property in Gravel Path.

“The road was closed for a short time and the EOD attended to carry out a controlled explosion. This was complete at 7.14pm.”