Armed robber wore a carrier bag on his head as his disguise

Luke Martin committing a robbery whilst wearing a carrier bag on his head
Luke Martin committing a robbery whilst wearing a carrier bag on his head

An armed robber has been jailed for nearly five years, after being convicted despite his unorthodox way of disguising himself.

Luke Martin, 28, from Peascroft Road, Hemel Hempstead, robbed the Day One store in Bennetts Gate, Hemel, at 8.40am on May 9, 2014.

St Albans Crown Court heard how he entered the store with a plastic Londis carrier bag over his head, brandishing a knife.

He walked behind the counter and demanded the member of staff hand over money. He then removed money from the till and escaped.

Six months later he struck again, at Bells Mini Mart in Belswains Lane at 9.20am on December 18, 2014. Again, Martin entered the store wearing a carrier bag on his head to conceal his face, showed the member of staff a knife and demanded cash. An alarm was activated and Martin ran away.

He was charged in December 2014 with robbery and attempted robbery, and was found sentenced to four years and nine months St Albans Crown Court on June 15.

Detective Constable Paula Mowbray, from the Local Crime Unit at Hemel Hempstead Police Station, said: “I am delighted that the jury came to the right conclusion and found Martin guilty of these offences.

“This was a challenging investigation due to Mr Martin covering his face on both occasions; however we utilised a variety of sources to correctly identify Mr Martin as the person responsible affording some closure and justice to the victims of these crimes.”