Coach’s crowdfunding venture for kids’ kit

Michael Duberry with the Bovingdon Thunder U7s
Michael Duberry with the Bovingdon Thunder U7s

A former professional footballer is calling on local residents to fundraise for the Bovingdon Thunder U7s football team.

Michael Duberry, aged 39, from Hemel Hempstead, is a former centre-back for Chelsea, Leeds United and Reading Football Clubs, who recently became manager for the young team, which his son Koby plays for.

Michael set up a GoFundMe campaign with the aim of raising £2,500 to help provide the Bovingdon Thunder players with a new kit, tracksuits and training equipment for the new season.

In the first six days, over £2,100 of the fundraising target had been donated via the crowdfunding website.

Michael said: “I look back at the beginning of my football journey and think that if my parents had had to pay for anything other than boots and subs then I wouldn’t have carried on for long.

“I don’t want any of my team to have to have their journey stopped for the reason of expense. Donations will help the team start their football journey on a strong and positive note.”

GoFundMe is the world’s most popular crowdfunding website.

UK fundraisers on the site have raised £20 million to date, for everything from medical expenses, education costs and volunteer programmes to funerals and memorials.

So far this year, the site has helped raise more than £4.5 million in the UK.

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