Charity evening in 1940s fashion


The 1940s returned to Potten End to celebrate Victory in Europe Day, at an event organised by the Inner Wheel Club of Berkhamsted Bulbourne.

The club’s charity committee, led by Mel Furnell-Jones, organised a 1940s-style cold supper – with not a slice of Spam in sight – and Jayne Harris used her considerable collection of war memorabilia to decorate the hall, creating a realistic wartime atmosphere.

Union Jacks were displayed all round the hall and wartime songs were played on a modern machine hidden behind a large wireless.

The table was covered with memorabilia including uniforms, a gas mask, ration books and a diary.

Graham and Jayne Harris made a handsome couple as a GI and his lady. The 60 guests also came in period dress, including a Queen Alexandra nurse, military personnel and General Patton, complete with cigar and tin hat.

The Malbec Quartet played 1940s music for dancing and, period quizzes took people back in time and the evening raised £842.88 for the Inner Wheel charities.