Changes to bin collections over Christmas and New Year


There will be changes to bin collection times across Dacorum during the festive period.

A calendar showing the changes was posted through letter boxes across the borough and the changes came into effect on Saturday.

Just in case you didn’t receive a calendar, here are the changes below:

Usual collection day: Tuesday, December 22 > Monday, December 21 (blue bin & kerbside caddy)

Wednesday, December 23 > Tuesday, December 22 (blue bin & kerbside caddy)

Thursday, December 24 > Wednesday, December 23 (blue bin & kerbside caddy

Friday, December 25 > Thursday, December 24 (blue bin & kerbside caddy)

Monday, December 28 > Tuesday, December 29 (grey bin & kerbside caddy)

Tuesday, December 29 > Wednesday, December 30 (grey bin & kerbside caddy)

Wednesday, December 30 > Thursday, December 31 (grey bin & kerbside caddy)

Thursday, December 31 > Saturday, January 2 (grey bin & kerbside caddy)

Friday, January 1 > Monday, January 4 (grey bin & kerbside caddy)

Monday, January 4 > Tuesday, January 5 (blue bin & kerbside caddy)

Tuesday, January 5 > Wednesday, January 6 (blue bin & kerbside caddy)

Wednesday, January 6 > Thursday, January 7 (blue bin & kerbside caddy)

Thursday, January 7 > Friday, January 8 (blue bin & kerbside caddy)

Friday, January 8 > Saturday, January 9 (blue bin & kerbside caddy)

But after Christmas Day is over, wheelie bins can also tell potential burglars what nice new gifts are inside your home, so Neighbourhood Watch have advised homeowners to keep the packaging out of sight until bin collection day.

Also consider asking a friend or neighbour to put your wheelie bin back in its spot after it has been emptied, to avoid letting potential thieves know you’re not at home.

And now that it’s dark from about 3.30pm until nearly 8am, a couple of lights on automatic timer switches will help your home look occupied and help to deter burglars.