Challenge Yourself: A very Special role up for grabs

Can you step up for a very special role? Our volunteering opportunity of the week is a role in the Specials Force of Hertfordshire Constabulary in Berkhamsted and Tring.

Sunday, 24th August 2014, 9:15 am
Special Constables in action in Dacorum

Herts’ police authority is committed to involving the community in as many aspects of policing as possible .

The aim of the Specials is to improve the quality of life for the local community by supporting the regular force.

Special Constables work alongside regular officers in front-line policing, wearing the same uniform and having the same powers.

Full training, including officer protection equipment is given.

To become a special constable you need to meet eligibility requirements and have the right personal qualities for the role. Special constables come from all walks of life.

Specials get involved in all kinds of police work from responding to 999 emergency calls, patrolling, making house-to-house enquires, presenting evidence in court or providing lifesaving help.

Commitment is a minimum of 16 hours duty per month, mainly at weekends, eight of which must be routine patrol.

This is a very demanding role. Ideally, the volunteer would make a two-year commitment.

The lower age limit for the role is 19, and the upper age limit 50.

There are no gender restrictions.

General people skills are needed for this role.

For the first three months the recruit is tutored with an experienced regular or special, and after that the volunteer is given more independence.

Every two months a refresher course is held in the gym, so you will need to be physically fit!

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