Campaigners call for postbox that was destroyed by lorry to be replaced

Royal Mail postbox
Royal Mail postbox

Campaigners are calling for the replacement of a postbox that was wiped out when a lorry driver lost control of his vehicle.

Householders were originally told that the Royal Mail pillar at 13 High Street would be replaced but the postal organisation has since decided against it.

The postbox was one of the casualties when an out of control lorry careered down the High Street back in May coming to a stop when it ploughed into a home. The driver is thought to have suffered a seizure behind the wheel.

Mum of two Lisa Gomm, who runs an online sweetie business from her Curtis Way home, said: “It served a lot of people because it was near a school and the shops.

“It is a huge inconvenience.

“It is just really frustrating.”

She said the postbox is even more needed since the post office closed inside Bobby’s convenience store.

Campaigners are urging people to write to Royal Mail asking for the postbox to be replaced.

Letters can be sent to Pillar Box Collections, Royal Mail, 10 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y OHQ or email Royal Mail spokesman Sally Hopkins said: “The postbox cannot be replaced in its original position as local road changes have meant it is no longer safe to access by customers and our collections team. 
“We have looked at alternative sites close by and none were deemed suitable due to underground cabling and services.“

“There are adequate posting facilities within walking distance of the original postbox location in all directions, Therefore, there are currently no plans to replace this box.”

She said alternative postboxes are at St Peter’s Church, Bank Mill, Woodlands Avenue and Gravel Path.