Brutal car park fight in Hemel Hempstead caught on camera

Two warring families are thought to have used a Hemel Hempstead car park to settle their row in a bloody brawl captured on camera.

Monday, 1st January 2018, 5:00 am

A Facebook video of the bare knuckle fight shows two men take repeated shots at each other, and it is thought to have taken place after police moved them on from another location within the town.

The fight, which was filmed throughout, is reported to have stemmed from a unsettled argument where the two families called each other out on video sharing website YouTube.

The two men, who were cheered on by a crowd in the rain, exchanged blows, with one of the men severely bleeding from his nose within five minutes.

But the bare chested men repeatedly ignored pleas from family members, who were ‘refereeing’ the fight, to stand down and shake hands.

Eventually, the two men finally bow down, with the fight being declared a ‘draw’.

The video, which shares that the fight took place at a ‘secret location’ in Hemel Hempstead, has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

A Herts Police spokesman said: “We were called shortly after 12.30pm on Sunday, December 17 to reports that a large group of people had gathered in a car park in Fishery Road, Hemel Hempstead.

“Further calls were then made to police stating a fight had broken out between members of the group.

“Officers attended and there was no sign of a disturbance, no one was found to be injured and no incidents were reported.

“The group was dispersed from the area at around 2.50pm.”

It is thought though that the group simply moved to another location, which is where the fight then took place.

The person who filmed the fisticuffs said that the brawl began at 3.22pm, and lasted for more than half an hour.