Bovingdon pensioner says guardian angel took away his pains in a dream

An 84-year-old says his guardian angel removed the pain caused by his angina and emphysema in a dream after his wife prayed for him.

Fred Jefferies had gone to bed in his home at Bovingdon’s Dudley House sheltered housing scheme after two ‘really bad days’.

Fred Jefferies and his wife Nora.

Fred Jefferies and his wife Nora.

He had been told that only 29 per cent of his heart was working.

But after falling asleep at about 2am recently, he felt a warm, comforting sensation and the feeling that he was being taken somewhere else.

He heard a voice said: “I’ve just come to help you.” It then said again: “It’s all right – I’ve come to help you.”

When he awoke at 5am, his pain had gone and he got up and started making tea.

He later found out his wife Nora had prayed for him earlier that night after she shook him but was unable to wake him and became concerned.

In her prayer, she said: “Lord, Fred believes he has a guardian angel. Send the angel down to help him. Please, help him.”

Nora, who is also 84, later said: “He couldn’t believe it when I told him about my night of worry.”