Book in now to have all your broken items assessed free at the Repair Shed

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It’s Community Repair Day on Saturday, May 23 – an opportunity to get all your broken items assessed or fixed for free at the Repair Shed.

The event coincides with the Big Plant Sale at Sunnyside Rural Trust’s Hemel Food Garden.

Repair Shed volunteers will cast their expert eye on everything from small electrical appliances to small pieces of furniture, tools, toys and computers but please book in advance so they know what to expect on the day.

They were able to fix 13 of 23 items presented at the last community repair day in February.

And even though some were beyond repair, their owners were pleased to know what the problem was and saved themselves the cost of finding out from a professional.

Repair Shed manager Chris Lee said: “We see ourselves as a clinic, not a hospital and where repair is beyond the capabilities of our wonderful team, we refer people to local businesses.”

Repair Shed is a Community Sction Dacoum project.

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