Book aims to help people cope with ever tougher questioning in workplace

Michael Dodd at the launch of his new book
Michael Dodd at the launch of his new book

A Bovingdon author has written a new book designed to help people under pressure in the workplace.

Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work, by Michael Dodd, aims to help people at all levels in the workforce cope better with ever-tougher questioning in an age of increasing accountability.

Business leaders, organisations, witnesses in court, campaigners and employees all find themselves facing tougher questions in an age of enhanced accountability, 
ever-wider exposure and instant communication.

Michael’s book aims to help people navigate these challenges, with advice for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills and answer questions more effectively at work – whether they’re dealing with potential employers, bosses, clients, shareholders, financiers or the media.

Now an international speaker, Michael was formerly a political correspondent for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney and Canberra before becoming a foreign correspondent in London and Berlin.

Drawing on his experience of putting business leaders and politicians under pressure, Michael outlines strategies to combat even the hottest questions, while helping readers enhance their effectiveness, confidence and image.

The book aims to equip readers with formulae to deal with challenging questions amid greater personal and organisational exposure via social media, cameras in mobile devices and easy access to information via the internet.

Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work is on sale at WH Smith and Waterstones.