Blind woman ‘forced into road’ by illegal car parking

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A blind woman’s confidence has been ‘shattered’ after she walked into a lorry’s wing mirror when she was forced to venture into the road to avoid the illegally parked vehicle.

Deborah Davy says she has been complaining for years about vehicles parking on pavements in Bovingdon’s busy High Street.

But the final straw came on Friday when she was injured while attempting to navigate a lorry outside exotic pet shop Ameyzoo.

“It broke my glasses,” she said. “I’m absolutely sick of it. It upset me and I ended up in tears. It has knocked my confidence and I haven’t been out since.”

Deborah, who lives in the village, suffers from dystonia which causes uncontrollable muscle spasms leaving her unable to see.

Despite her disability, the 59-year-old uses a cane to get about and regularly walks to the village High Street.

“I have to make my way around cars that are parked on the path, which is my right of way,” she said.

“I have a right to be able to walk safely on the pavement, which is for pedestrians not for vehicles.”

Deborah has reported the incident to police.

RNIB regional campaigns office for the East of England Emily Papaleo said: “We hear from a growing number of blind and partially sighted people that have collided with cars parked on pavements and who are worried about being forced to walk in the road to avoid these obstacles.

“Drivers that use the pavement for parking often think they are doing the right thing by keeping the road clear, but fail to realise the consequences of their vehicle now blocking the footpath. The result is that people with sight loss often cannot see the obstruction until it is too late, and collide with the parked vehicle.

“We are calling on local authorities to engage with blind and partially sighted people in their areas and to discuss the options for making the streets safer.”