Battle commences at Living History event in Hemel Hempstead

All fitted out, these soldiers are ready for battle at Blackbirds Moor
All fitted out, these soldiers are ready for battle at Blackbirds Moor

Visitors to Blackbirds Moor over the weekend may have been slightly perturbed by the number of sword wielding soldiers in the midst of battle.

But fear not, Hemel has not descended into a medieval war, nor was Games of Thrones filming in the town.

Instead, the Box Moor Trust was holding its popular Living History event.

The Medieval Siege Society came along to Hemel Hempstead to recreate aspects of life during the War of the Roses.

Despite the inclement weather on the Sunday, the event was very well received by those who attended, in particular the gunnery display and skirmishes were very popular, with the crowd rallying behind our heroes who eventually proved victorious.

There were also archery demonstrations, armament displays, and even more period-accurate clashes.

Khana Cookery added a modern touch to proceedings though, with curry throughout the day.

Also on Saturday, the Box Moor Trust and Environment Agency conducted a walk across the moors, highlighting the changes to, and management of, the land.

Mark Spokes, from the Box Moor Trust, said: “We would like to thank all of the Medieval Siege Society’s reenactors, as well as the caterers, stallholders and volunteers who helped support the event.”

The next big event for the Trust is its annual Autumn Conker Festival on the weekend of October 14-15. You’d be bonkers not to go and see the conkers!