Are you one of the lucky Hemel residents to receive £200 from mystery millionaire?

David Fisher with his book
David Fisher with his book

An amateur author is hoping to trace five Hemel residents who received mystery Christmas cards containing £200 – as he thinks he knows the identity of the sender.

Nick Fisher wrote Giving Away My Millions, which details some of the random acts of generosity the mystery multi-millionaire does with his wealth.

One of these sees the Oxfordshire millionaire – who uses the pseudonym Tom Jones – go through the alphabet picking towns then using Google’s street view to find road names.

“He then finds the postcode for the streets, picks a house number and sends a card with £200 in it,” Nick explained.

“I have no idea who any of the people he sent the cards to in Hemel are. I’m sure that someone who knows someone who did, and can get in touch with them to solve the mystery of their Secret Santa.

“I would imagine they’d love to know who sent it to them.”

Writer Nick, from Stockport, was himself on the receiving end of Mr Jones’ generosity when they met in a car park last March and the millionaire asked if he had £1 for the meter.

“I actually started laughing and asked him if he was taking the Mickey,” said Nick.

“I thought it was a wind-up because he was driving a £150,000 Bentley – and he was asking me for a quid. He assured me it wasn’t and that he genuinely had forgotten his wallet, so I gave him a £1.

“He said thanks and as I turned to walk back to my car he said: ‘Here, this is for you’, and he handed me two £50 notes and my £1 back.”

This was one of Mr Jones’ tests he sometimes does where he rewards people for their generosity or acts of kindness.

Nick later traced Mr Jones after remembering his number plate and sent him a copy of his book The Best Husband and Wife Joke Book Ever.

After exchanging emails, Nick asked him if he’d ever thought about writing a book about what he does, which is how Giving Away My Millions materialised.

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