Apply to schools now to secure a place for 2016

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Is your child set to start or change schools next September?

Parents and carers are being advised to plan for the year ahead. Be it; primary, junior, middle or secondary school (including; upper, studio or university technology college), make sure you apply for a place in good time. The application process for secondary schools will open from Tuesday, September 1, 2015, so make sure that you apply for a place before the deadline, which is Saturday October, 31, 2015.

For under-11’s, the application process will be slightly later, opening on Monday, November 9, 2015, nonetheless, it is better to start attending information evenings and making decisions in advance, before the deadline on Friday, January 15, 2016.

Parents with younger children will be able to apply for nursery schools and classes in mid February 2016 when nursery literature will be sent directly to parents.

David Williams, Cabinet member for Enterprise, Education and Skills, said: “We want all children to have access to a good education so they can reach their full potential, with the right number of school places in the right location.

“We are committed to ensuring that where the country’s population grows we build the appropriate infrastructure and since 2012 we have spent £170m to provide more than 3,000 additional reception places.”

Last year, 99 per cent of parents applied online and 95 per cent of children in Hertfordshire were allocated one of their four ranked primary and secondary schools.

The easiest way to apply will be by visiting the website: