All animals unharmed after suspected electrical fault causes fire at popular Mead Open Farm attraction near Leighton Buzzard

The fire service was called to reports of a fire yesterday morning

Monday, 14th September 2020, 12:38 pm

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service rescued a number of animals after a fire, thought to have been caused by an electrical fault, broke out at Mead Open Farm in Billington.

Firefighters were called just after 5.30am yesterday morning (Sunday). Two fire engines from Leighton Buzzard, supported by a water carrier from Toddington, attended a fire involving 2 barns at the popular attraction.

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "We are pleased to report that 30 rabbits, 4 pigs and 3 alpacas were all safely accounted for and, despite the damage to the barns, Mead Open Farm are able to remain open to the public.

"To help ensure the animals had clean air during the rescue firefighters deployed a positive pressure ventilation fan to blow clean air in to the barn.

"The cause of the fire is under investigation."

Parts of the family farm remained closed yesterday but it has all re-opened today.

Simone Hayes, a spokesperson for Mead Open Farm, said: "It happened early Sunday morning, we do not what started and the fire service is investigating, but it is believed to be an electrical fault that caused it.

Firefighters rescued animals after a fire broke out at Mead Open Farm (C) Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue

"The fire affected the Demo Barn, Piggy Palace, the Muck Trailer and they lost the Milk Shed.

"All of the animals are completely fine, the cows and ponies go out in the evening so they were fine.

"The fire service did rescue some of the animals that were still there.

"We are really grateful to the people that alerted the fire service, we believe it was the people at the car boot.

"We also want to thank Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue.

"Everything is now open as normal, yesterday we did not open Piggy Palace and the Demo Barn because we wanted to make sure it was all safe, luckily it was mostly cosmetic damage and they are both open today,

"We have received so many messages of support from the public online as well."

Mead Open Farm could be welcoming some new animals as two of the pigs have struck up a new relationship following the fire.

Simone added: "When the firefighters removed the pigs, they put Boris in with Tulip, and they are now a couple.

"Boris will be staying with Tulip, and who knows we could have some new piglets soon."

Support and well wishes have flooded in on Mead Open Farm's Facebook Page.

One person said: "Sending you our best wishes and we are all so glad that no one or the animals were hurt. Good luck for today."

Another added: "So sorry to hear this. Was only discussing last night that this is the first year we've not visited over the summer since we starting coming probably 8 years ago. Hugs to all the animals, well done to the fire service."

Another added: "Thank goodness everyone is safe. Such a disaster for you all. "