Adult care sector is at lowest ebb ‘in 30 years’ in Herts

Herts County Council admitted the changes would lead to an 'adverse impact' on residents

The adult social care sector is the ‘worst it’s been in 30 years’ as cuts continue to bite.

That’s the verdict of Age UK Dacorum chief executive officer David Pearce, who was speaking to the Gazette following news that adult care services will again pay the price in government cuts.

We reported last month how several countywide services, including transport, second carers and telecare, would now have to be paid for instead of services being offered for free. The proposals will help Herts County Council save £2.5m.

Mr Pearce said: “It’s going to have an impact, and it’s putting more pressure on the service users. It filters down to the voluntary sector, and it’s harder every year.

“I think the council are trying to use their money as best as they can.

“I’ve been in this sector for 30 years and this is the worst I have ever seen it – and I can’t see where it’s going to end.”

Lib Dem councillor Ron Tindall, opposition portfolio holder for adult care services, said the government was to blame rather than the county council.

He said: “They’ve been dropped in it from a great height by the government – they are hanging all the local authorities out to dry.

“None of the councillors around that table wanted to put prices up. The government just doesn’t seem to understand.”

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