A new champion for people with diabetes

Ana Pokrajac PNL-150724-161037001
Ana Pokrajac PNL-150724-161037001

A consultant from West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust has been elected as a national clinical champion for Diabetes UK.

Ana Pokrajac, a diabetes consultant at Hemel Hempstead and Watford Hospital, will be joining 19 other consultants to act as catalysts for change to improve the quality of diabetes care in their local area, supported by Diabetes UK.

Clinical champions act as patients’ advocates to improve the quality of care for people living with diabetes.

Dr Pokrajac was chosen because of the work she has been carrying out in the field.

Last year, she helped organise the first Herts diabetes conference, with representation from GPs, practice nurses, diabetes specialist nurses, consultants, podiatrists, pharmacists, dietitians.But most importantly, they also had patient representatives.

The highly successful event has now been turned into an annual event.

Dr Pokrajac said:“Diabetes UK is one of the biggest charities in the world and it is very humbling to be elected clinical champion by them.

“I want to make our diabetes care more patient­ centred. I’m hoping to see two specific projects through. One, to facilitate patient-­informed improvement in diabetes care locally. Two, to improve the quality of holistic care of those patients who have both diabetes and kidney disease.

“Being part of this programme is exciting – it means we can get to know patients and their needs much better and learn from examples of good practice around the UK.”