This website helps persuade Halifax to abandon its plans to branch out into hedge fund

A huge weed growing out from a windowsill above Berkhamsted’s Halifax branch has been removed after a story was published on this website about it.

Tuesday, 2nd September 2014, 2:52 pm
Is Berkhamsted's Halifax branching out? Not any more - the weed has been removed

Concerns that the building society may be ‘branching out’ into ‘hedge fund’ management were raised after an image of the weed was posted on Twitter by the @Berkhamsted account.

It is not known how long it had been there for or why it was allowed to grow so big.

The @Berkhamsted account had said: “You seem to have shrubbery growing out the top of your Berkhamsted branch! Need a good gardener?”

All gone: Berkhamsted's Halifax has lost its 'shrubbery' PNL-140209-132650001

The message was addressed to the @AskHalifaxBank Twitter account – which is owned and managed by the nationwide building society itself.

The @Berkhamsted account today posted a photo of the newly weed-free branch of the town’s Halifax onto the social networking website.

A message alongside the image said: “@AskHalifaxBank have had the gardeners in!! Who’s next for a tidy up??”