Warning to Hemel Hempstead online shoppers after products recalled over fears of electric shocks and fire

A whole host of items are being urgently pulled after fears users could get an ELECTRIC SHOCK.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 1:26 pm
Updated Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 1:36 pm

You may have been given the hairdryer, shaver or children's light as Christmas presents or bought them yourself, so it's definitely worth checking.

The first item is the Elgetec Professional Salon Style Hairdryer. According to the European Commission, the live pins of the mains supply plug are too close to the outer edge.

In a statement, the commission said: "As the hairdryer does not have an earth wire, a consumer may receive an electric shock when (un)plugging the hair dryer."

These products have been pulled

People are being asked to stop using the dryer immediately and contact the brand direct. The hairdryers are sold online, mainly via eBay.

Another item being pulled is the Kemei / Rechargeable Shaver.

According to the European Commission, the mains plug does not properly fit in the socket and its casing can be easily detached.

"While plugging or unplugging the charger, the casing might open, leaving live parts accessible and increasing the risk of the user receiving an electric shock," said the commission in a statement.

Elgetec Professional Salon Style Hairdryer

The shaver is packed in a black cardboard box and is also sold online mainly via eBay. Stop using the shaver immediately and contact the brand directly.

The Star Master Dream Rotating Projection Lamp children's light has also been recalled due to fears it could burst into flames.

Another item mainly available online, the product lacks a charging cut-off circuit, protecting the battery of unsuitable charging voltage or overcharging.

"Consequently, the battery could overcharge, leading it to overheat and increasing the risk of fire," said the European Commission in a statement.

Kemei / Rechargeable Shaver
Star MasterDream Rotating Projection Lamp
Star MasterDream Rotating Projection Lamp