Rule changes mean Royal Mail can deliver to your neighbour

Royal Mail officials have welcomed Ofcom’s approval of regulatory changes that enables it to roll out its ‘Delivery To Neighbour’ programme across the UK

That means the initiative will be introduced nationwide from Monday.

The initiative is part of a process of bringing Royal Mail’s terms and conditions more in line with other delivery companies.

Until now, Royal Mail was the only major delivery company not allowed to deliver to a neighbour as part of its standard practice

A trial of the programme found that customers welcomed the convenience of items being delivered to a neighbouring address if no one was at home to receive them.

Royal Mail wrote to all 29 million addresses across the UK in August providing information about the new delivery initiative which will make it easier for people who are out and about when the post arrives to receive items that are too large to go through the letterbox or require a signature.

Mike Newnham, Royal Mail’s chief customer officer, said: “We are delighted that Ofcom has approved the regulatory changes that enable us to roll out the Delivery to Neighbour initiative across the UK.

“This means that customers will benefit from the improved convenience during the busy Christmas period and beyond.”

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