Location, quality and value are rated as top priorities for buyers

For many years location was thought to be the deciding factor when it comes to buying a house.

Tuesday, 29th April 2014, 4:52 pm

Yet new research from Bloor Homes shows house buyers are becoming more savvy and demanding, especially when looking at new build homes.

f the priority list when buying a new build home remains finding a property within budget (97 per cent) and in the right location (95 per cent), with location being the starting point for any house purchase journey.

But for the finer detail, quality plays an important role with the NHBC/LABC warranty (95 per cent) and the reputation of the house builder (95 per cent) also key deciding factors.

When it comes to measuring value, the benefits of buying a new build home shine through, as three quarters (75 per cent) think buying a new home gives them greater value for money and budget flexibility, whether through government-backed schemes such as the Help to Buy, or through the personalisation options available and lack of need to redecorate (79 per cent).

And, with the news awash with stories of rising house prices, 84 per cent of those currently considering buying a new build home believe buying such a property is a good investment for the future.

Vanessa MacNee of Bloor Homes said: “Our research shows that while location remains king, quality of build and value in its truest sense are equally as important to discerning home buyers, who are increasingly conscious of the longer-term financial and lifestyle impact of their house purchase choice.

“And, with government schemes coupled with mortgages lenders offering competitive products, new build properties are ticking all the boxes, helping those families looking to make the aspirational move to find their forever home.”