Frustrated Hemel resident calls for Hightown Housing Association and Barratt Homes to put tenants first and fix problems

Barratt Homes says it is working with it's contractors to rectify this situation

Tuesday, 16th November 2021, 12:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th November 2021, 12:38 pm

A fed up woman from Hemel Hempstead who says she has been complaining about her flooring for four years is hoping that the problem will finally be rectified.

Rachel Mcloughlin moved into her flat in Peacock Court in 2017 and says she complained to Hightown Housing Association and Barratts - who constructed the flats - about the problem with her floor and walls not long after she moved in, but it has not been fixed yet.

She says that 'the majority' of her walls have cracks in and there is a hole in her floor that has been covered with a lump of wood.

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Rachel says she has made complaints to Hightown Housing Association and Barratt homes about her flooring for four years

Hightown Housing Association has apologised for the delay with the repair and says Barratt Homes has now made an appointment with Rachel.

Rachel said: "I have had an ongoing issue with my flooring in the front room and kitchen which is open plan since I moved into my property on 27th February 2017. I am the first tenant as it is a new build.

"I informed Hightown of this six months after moving in after I first noticed the issue.

"Since then I have had Hightown tell me that no issue has been raised on several occasions and that they couldn't find my address etc - the excuses I have been given have been laughable.

Barratt Homes says it is working with it's contractors to rectify this situation

"At the beginning of 2021 I caught a Hightown inspector off guard when he was attending to a different issue in the block of flats I live in and he raised the issue too.

"Since then I have had people come out and look at my floor and even a hole made in it which has been covered with a lump of wood underneath my carpet.

"Whilst he was here I also mentioned about the movement in my walls to the point I had a canvas up on the wall which was put up straight and by the next day it was diagonal rather than flat like It was meant to be.

"I have cracks in the majority of my walls and most of the skirting in my flat is coming away.

"I have been told that myself and my son would have to be moved out whilst they carry out the work which could take weeks.

"My son has special needs and this would cause an upheaval to him and it would distress him a lot."

She added: "I have been fighting for five years for this issue to be resolved and I haven't got anywhere and it's getting beyond a joke now and I am really starting to struggle with it now because it seems like no one within Hightown or Barratt Homes gives a monkeys when it comes to their tenants."

Barratt Homes says it is working with its contractors and Hightown Housing Association to rectify this situation.

A spokesperson from Barratt Homes said: “We have been made aware of the issues in the flat and are working closely with Hightown Housing Association as well as our groundworkers MV Kelly to rectify this situation as quickly as possible.

"MV Kelly will be visiting the flat with our Customer Service Manager at the earliest opportunity to ensure the issue is resolved. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.”

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Hightown Housing Association has apologised for the delay with the repair.

A spokesperson for Hightown Housing Association said: "We are very sorry that our resident has been experiencing issues in her home and the difficulties that this has caused her and her family.

"Barratt Homes were made aware of an issue with the floor when it was reported to us in November 2017. When the end of the first year inspection took place in 2018 it was not reported as a continuing problem.

"A second report was received in 2021 and our Property Inspector visited the property and has since been liaising with Barratt Homes to try to expedite a repair; they have told us that they are working to rectify it as quickly as possible.

"We understand that an appointment has been arranged with our resident by Barratt Homes to move this forward. We apologise that there has been a delay with the repair being carried out.

"We have spoken to our resident about her request to move home to meet her family's needs and will be keeping in close contact with her to support her with her application."