Hemel Hempstead girl grows giant pumpkin in her allotment

The cousins have been growing pumpkins in their allotment

Tuesday, 27th October 2020, 1:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th October 2020, 1:57 pm

A seven-year-old girl from Hemel Hempstead has grown a giant pumpkin in her allotment, just in time for Halloween.

Aoife Kelly, and her cousins eight-year-old Lily, six-year-old Kiera, 10-year-old Liam and 11-year-old Thomas, have shared photos of their pumpkins that they have been growing in Gravel Springs allotment off Sunny Hill Road.

The pumpkin Aoife grew is 49cm tall and has a circumference of 154cm.

Aoife and the pumpkin she grew

Aoife's dad, Kevin said: "Aoife is no stranger to planting, she loves the allotment and spent a lot of time there during lockdown, we built a swing and slide, and her cousins have patch their too.

"She grew sunflowers and one of them grew to be 10ft tall.

"We planted the pumpkin in March, and this one just grew really quickly."

Aoife said: "I love growing things and playing at the allotment and I'm amazed a pumpkin could grow so big."

Front row (L to R) Lily 8, Kiera 6, Liam 10. Back row Aiofe 7 and Thomas 11

Karen, Lily, Kiera, Thomas and Liam's mum, said: "The children were very happy with their harvest and have been sharing them with friends and family and pretty much anyone who asks nicely. The kids grew them themselves.

"They grew about 30 pumpkins, the allotment has been a god send during the pandemic.

"Our plot is opposite theirs, so they've been able to still see each other, while staying safe outdoors. It's good fun and all we can do it stay positive."

Karen and her family will be celebrating Halloween at home this year. She said: "We are going to celebrate all Hallows this year, farmers use to celebrate it.

Lily with some of the pumpkins they grew at the allotment

"It was after having a good harvest it's time to let the ground rest or lay fallow till spring when the growing starts again also it's all saints eve so can celebrate that and in lots of countries it's all souls day so you celebrate people that have past and with losing my dad this year it's a good way to remember and raise a glass to him.

"We are going to have music, food maybe toasted marshmallows in the garden weather permitting and get the chocolate fountain out. Just some all round general fun and not forgetting some pumpkin carving."

Kevin and his family plan to dress up in scary outfits for their daily walk.

He said: "This Halloween we will carve up the pumpkins and put candles in them as usual then we will dress up our scarecrow as a witch so quite traditional.

"We will then dress up in scary outfits and go out for our daily exercise hoping to put a smile on people's faces and look at the houses that have been dressed up for the day because people have put the effort in so we appreciate it too. Though we wont trick or treat this year.

"We will probably watch a 'scary' family movie later in the evening at home if we have time with some Halloween treats.

"Halloween will be the same and different at the same time and I know my daughter Aoife is just as excited this year as any other."