‘Explore Berkhamsted; it looks like a willy’: Bizarre phallus-shaped map used to promote tourism in town

Some say this graphic makes Berkhamsted look like a gigantic willy
Some say this graphic makes Berkhamsted look like a gigantic willy

A new map that aims to draw tourists into Berkhamsted has made the town look like a gigantic phallus.

The news came to light after Haresfoot Brewery – the first beer production company in the area for 100 years – posted the map on social networking website Facebook.

Commenting beneath it, Facebook-user Paul Robbo Robinson said: “It looks like a willy tee hee !!”

Haresfoot Brewery had said: “Great graphic by the Canal River Trust highlighting the three canal pubs in Berkhamsted.

“Alas we’re located just two locks to the left of the diagram at Grand Union Lock 51.”

The map points out Berkhamsted Castle, the Canadian Totem Pole and Waitrose as well as waterside pubs The Rising Sun, The Boat and The Crystal Palace.

Attached to the map is an information sheet about what to do in and around Berkhamsted

The map and information sheet – drawn up by conservation charity the Canal & River Trust, which was founded two years ago – also point out the historical significance of Berkhamsted.

They say: “Berkhamsted, on the Grand Junction Canal, was once a busy inland port and the centre of boat building activity. It is still called the Port of Berkhamsted today.

“The Grand Junction Canal linked London to Birmingham, cutting through Berkhamsted. Castle Wharf was once the centre of canal trade and boat building.

“Today, Berkhamsted is a great place to explore the canal, especially by bike as there is a good track all the way to London.”

The Grand Union Canal was formed as the result of amalgamations between several different waterways, including the Grand Junction Canal, between 1894 and 1929.

Its history dates back to 1793, and the Grand Junction Canal – which connects the Northamptonshire village of Braunston and the River Thames – was fully opened in 1805.

The Grand Junction Canal now makes up the longest stretch of the Grand Union Canal, which goes between London and Birmingham.

You can set up a regular donation to the Canal & River Trust, which looks after the waterway, here or phone 0303 040 4040 and receive your family welcome pack.