Vehicle safety notices: Jaguar and Ford recall cars

Vehicle safety notices: Jaguar and Ford recall cars
Vehicle safety notices: Jaguar and Ford recall cars

Jaguar and Ford are amongst manufacturers who have issued safety notices for some of their cars this month.

Vehicle recalls are common in the automotive industry and are generally a result of the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), or the manufacturer determining that a fault in a vehicle constitutes a safety defect. According to the DVSA Code of Conduct, a car must be recalled if: “a failure due to design and/or construction, is likely to affect the safe operation of the product/aftermarket part without prior warning to the user and may pose a significant risk to the driver, occupants and others. This defect will be common to a number of products/aftermarket parts that have been sold for use in the United Kingdom”

More than six million vehicles had been returned to dealerships for remedial work as a result of vehicle recalls in the UK, in the five-year period between 2011 and 2016. This week, three major manufacturers issued recalls affecting popular cars in the UK.

Jaguar XE

Thousands of Jaguar’s compact executive model, the XE, have been recalled after it emerged that some models with the 2.0-litre diesel engine can be affected by a fuel leak. 3,151 cars manufactured between October 2014 and June 2015 are affected by the safety notice.

Recall details: “It has been identified that the underfloor mounted diesel fuel cooler may not have been manufactured to specification. This can result in fuel leak. The driver will become aware of the issue by either a smell of fuel, pooling of fuel under the vehicle when stationary or by an increase in fuel consumption. Where a leak is present pooling can occur on the road surface, which can present a skid hazard to other road users and increase the risk of a crash. In extreme circumstances the pooling of fuel underneath the vehicle, could, in the presence of an ignition source lead to a fire.”

Remedial action:  The diesel fuel cooler must be replaced with a new quality assured cooler.

Vehicle ID: SAJAB4C1XGA900002 to SAJAB4CN0GA911884

Ford Ranger

Ford have issued a safety notice regarding its Ranger pick-up model. Problems with the automatic transmission can result in rapid, unexpected, deceleration of the car. Only 51 models – manufactured between September 2011 and March 2012 – are thought to be affected.

Recall details: “It is possible for the automatic transmission to shift from 6th to 1st due to an incorrect signal from the output speed sensor. The unintended down shift will cause an abrupt wheel speed reduction.”

Remedial action: TCM recalibration will need to be carried out on affected vehicles

Vehicle ID: 6FP^XXMJ2GCB30537 to 6FPPXXMJ2PCR35730

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