Instant driving ban for mobile use – the facts behind Facebook warning

Instant driving ban for mobile use – the facts behind Facebook warning
Instant driving ban for mobile use – the facts behind Facebook warning

Motorists have been urged to ignore a social media post claiming that they could face an instant driving ban for using their phone at the wheel.

The post being shared on Facebook and linking to official government pages claims that new legislation has been passed introducing an on-the-spot three-month ban for using a mobile phone while driving.

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It says: “any body caught using a ‘mobile phone’ whilst driving or whilst the engine is running will lose their Driver’s Licenses on the spot for 3 months. No excuse will be tolerated or accepted by a Police Officer.”

However, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed that there is no truth in the warning and no such legislation has been introduced.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “It’s illegal to hold a phone or sat nav while driving or riding a motorcycle but the information in the Facebook post is not true.

“Those caught using a phone while driving can get six penalty points on their licence and a £200 fine.”

The law states that you must not use a handheld mobile device when driving or riding a motorbike and applies even when stopped at traffic lights, queuing in traffic or supervising a learner driver.

The current punishment for using a mobile phone remains six penalty points and a £200 fixed fine. Recently qualified drivers also face a ban under legislation which revokes the licence of anyone who accumulates six points or more in their first two years of driving.

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